FrontAccounting Point Of Sale Integration Suites


FrontAccounting is a great piece of software with robust back-end accounting software that support multi-currency, multi-location, stock mangement and is a lightweight ERP package. However, there are no Point Of Sale support for Retail Store.

We received quite a numbers of request from our customers mainly who are using FrontAccounting as their Accounting Software. We hereby take a step forward to developed this missing piece of code that integrated FrontAccounting with PHP POS.

The Concepts:

FrontAccounting will be the Main Office (HQ) for your company. You manage all your customers, suppliers, inventory control like item pricing, quantity, reorder level for all branches in FA. The POS Terminal will automatically populate the data into each branch respectively depending on POS Locations.

The customers and suppliers data will be share among each branches. The inventory data will be populated depending on POS Locations. This is because the customers can buy any items from different POS locations and able to use the GiftCard to redeem the goods.

For each branch, you have to setup GL Account, Bank Account, Point Of Sales, Inventory Locations and assigned your staff to each POS. These is because we need to have clear bookkeeping data for each branch.

When the customer buy item from any POS location, the sales orders will be automatically sync back to Main Office (HQ). FA will automatically create Customer, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Delivery Order and Customer Payment depending on your setting in Payment Terms.

Note: CASH payment will create Customer Payment directly.

Online and Off-line Terminal

Our solutions support online and offline sync. The reason is if your internet line have been cut-off (downtime), your POS Terminal WILL NOT BE AFFECTED and will be operate as usual without any interruption. When your internet line resume back to normal, the data will be sync back to HQ to consolidate the Inventory, Sales Order, Customers, GiftCard and so on.

The Solutions:

Open Source POS is another great piece of software that support basic functionality of POS system but is sufficient to be use by most retail businesses. Before we use the Integration Suites, we need to setup the parameters correctly.

FrontAccounting POS configuration:

1) Setting up Inventory Locations

  • KL – Kuala Lumpur
  • PJ – Petaling Jaya

2) Setting up GL Accounts for each POS Retail Store

  • KL GL Account
  • PJ GL Account

3) Setting up Bank Accounts for each POS Retail Store

  • KL Cash Account
  • PJ Cash Account

4) Setting up Point Of Sales for each POS locations

  • POS – Kuala Lumpur
  • POS – Petaling Jaya

5) User Account Setup for each User POS
Assign Each Users to different POS location

  •  demo1 – Kuala Lumpur
  •  demo2 – Petaling Jaya

6) Payment Terms need to setup for POS at least for the Description below:

  • Type: Cash, Description: Cash Only
  • Type: Cash, Description: Credit Card
  • Type: Cash, Description: Debit Card
  • Type: Cash, Description: Gift Card
  • Type: Cash, Description: Split Payments

Note: Split Payments mean the customers can partially paid by Cash and Credit Card or any combination.

7) Setting up POS Inventory Management – inventory control will be manage by FA

  • Create UOM, Categories and also create a new items
  • Set the seling pricing, re-order level for each items

8) Purchase Order Management

  • Create a new Suppliers and Contact information
  • Enter a new Purchase Order for all items until you received the items
  • Alternatively, you can make an Inventory Adjustment for each items

9) Create a universal customer called “CASH SALE”, make sure the Customer Contact, Branch, Branch Contact are properly setting up. Alternatively, you should create it using PHP POS which will be automatically sync the “CASH SALE” into FA.

Below are some of the features supported by PHP POS

  • Customers, Suppliers, Items, Item Kit, Employee, Gift Cards Management
  • Sales Register – to handle sale and return items
  • Generate barcodes item for each products with label
  • Scan barcodes item into sale
  • Store Configuration
  • Summary Report
  • and so on


Below are the features supported by FA POS Data Sync Suites

Features Sync Direction Remark
Customer Contact 2-way sync Create in FA / POSFA need to change at Contact Level
Supplier Contact 2-way sync Create in FA / POSFA need to change at Contact Level
Category 1-way sync Create in FA
Items 2-way sync Create in FA / POS
Items Units 1-way sync Create in POS
Item Locations 1-way sync Create in POS
GiftCards 1-way sync Create in POS
Payment Terms 1-way sync Create in FAType: Cash, Description: CashType: Cash, Description: Credit CardType: Cash, Description: Debit CardType: Cash, Description: Gift Card

Type: Cash, Description: Split Payments

Sales Invoice 1-way sync Create Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Delivery Order and Customers Payment
Sales Return 1-way sync Create Customer Credit Notes on Return item

FrontAccounting Point Of Sales Demo Site:

FrontAccounting POS:

Username: demo1

Password: password123


PHP POS Terminal 1:

Username: demo1

Password: password123


PHP POS Terminal 2:

Username: demo2

Password: password123